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Michael Jarantilla

Los Angeles, California
"Everything out there has only one purpose, to distract us from ourselves, what is truly important. There are no distractions in here. We can learn much from silence."

Things to do before I die:

- Go camping

- Have a snowball fight in fresh-fallen snow

- Skydive

- Go paragliding or hang-gliding

- Bungee jump from a bridge

- Scuba dive and explore a coral reef

- Stargaze from a place with no air pollution (in the city, you forget how many stars there REALLY are)

- Climb the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Bulding

- Go on a trans-Atlantic cruise

- Watch an NCAAF BCS national championship game

- Walk down 5th Avenue in New York during Christmas

- See the Aurora Borealis in Alaska

- Watch Kilauea volcano in Hawaii erupt at night

- Attend New Year's in Las Vegas or Times Square

- Watch a space shuttle launch in Florida

- Visit the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt, the Parthenon in Greece, Pompeii in Italy, the Great Wall of China, a feudal Japanese castle, Stonehenge in Britain, and Krak de Chevaliers in Syria.

Have I listed enough yet?