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Vaughan Audrey Solomon

Self Employed Not Starving Writer.
London, United Kingdom
My feet are rooted, deep within the ground. My head head up in the sky, the stars will dance within my eyes. I am myself, a mixture of my past, and my future. A deadly cocktail of joy for pure life, and no regrets. I remember when I was a kid, and the world revolved around an artificial social media. This phenomoniam began its life as a bupa (or some name of that taste) and matured into a world where it was anyones spa-- - nay, in my world, it was myspace. Then of course, it was a realized to be a fake maturity, for the world is not centered on you, or I, instead the world should be that made of facebook. Now people can twitter, small more immature thoughts, as the cycle begins again of media crazes begin anew. Like this cycle, I am an every changing person, with a love for language, an inability to spell, and an urge to enjoy life. Also, an urge to ponder things, random assortments, usually with a pattern of some sort. I am much more elegant in writing, then I could ever be in everyday life. Music, nerdyness, and politics/law rule my waking days. Nights may be another story. And that is all. Or at least almost all. Come talk to me. I'm "friendly"- at least at first. And relatively outgoing. In everything besides my interpersonal life which sometimes is just messy. Shyness can peak out sometimes. But running away rarely happens. Now thats all. Until I am bored at midnight once again.